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Our company is a DMV licensed classroom traffic school (Lic. #TVS-00142) offering classes every day throughout Los Angeles County. Our classes meet the requirements of all Courts in California. You may attend class in any city we teach in, you do not have to return to the city you got the ticket in.

We offer our classes in different cities on different days of the week. Feel free to look at our schedule and if you find a class offering you would like to attend, call us and we will be happy to give you all the information you need and make an appointment for you. If you chose to attend a daytime class you attend once. If you prefer to do the class at night, you must attend twice. You must do the portion of the class marked as "A" then do the class marked as "B." No exceptions.

We do not cancel our classes for low enrollment as other schools do and when you finish the class we give you your DMV certificate immediately. No waiting for us to mail it to you. You can then return the certificate to the Court handling your ticket.

If you have any questions about 7 DAYS-A-WEEK & EVENING CLASSES, the services we provide or how we can help you, please contact us and we’ll be in touch within the next 12 hours.

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Telephone: 800-400-8996

E-mail: info@trafficschoolschedule.com

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